Chauffeur training

UNHWI chauffeur & Driving instructor for advanced driver training

For excellent chauffeur training and chauffeur service. With an eye for detail you will be offered chauffeur training and service that has been arranged down to the last detail!

I train chauffeurs for the most diverse principles for private and business travel service.

I'm by state certified instructor for advanced driver courses for the police, army and special SWAT teams.

At your service for chauffeur training or chauffeur services!

My goal
Is to exceed the expectations of the most demanding corporate executive and private travelers at all times. In a personal meeting you can indicate your wishes.

My work experience as a instructor and UNHWI chauffeur
With over 20 years of experience as instructor and VIP close protection chauffeur at diplomatic level for private families, private persons, business, town hall, the board, chairman and supervisory board is my competence and integrity ensured.

My attitude as professional is discrete, reliable, honest and I have the certificates, skills and experience required for business and private persons.

My driving style as is smooth, comfortable, timed and assertive in solving problems on a safe and comfortable way

I'm trained to analyze risks in time and act adequately. Especially under pressure from threatening circumstances, it often comes down to small details.

And has extensive knowledge in the field of security and observation techniques. As a private driver, these techniques are applied from the moment the journey begins until you arrive safely at the location and during the time you are on location

While driving from location A to location B I will observe if you are being followed or if drivers are more than average interested in the executive or private car, such as press or a stalker. It is not the intention to lose the stalker or the press with a high speed, but with tactical driving skills.

For specific chauffeur service and chauffeur training at any risk level.
And knows how to apply techniques with a normal-, and armored car, which will be applied only in extreme emergencies. I drive safe, smooth and comfortable and I am trained to apply different technical driving security manoeuvres, with offensive driving in complex traffic situations.

In threatening situations I master driving techniques that bring the VIP to safety. Consider, for example, kidnapping and robbery and cars that deliberately block the road and whose driver has adopted a threatening attitude.

Armoured car driver
I have followed the widest range of driving skills training for armored vehicles to act in emergency situations. As a chauffeur I am experienced in driving various classified armored cars as Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes and BMW security vehicles class VR10 and the newest class VR10.

The heaviness of armour is divided into three groups, light, heavy and extra heavy armoured. I make a safety program of the trip from stepping into the car until the desired location and advise you briefly, personally and clearly about the intermediate steps.

Through the efforts of personal service within a broad business and private clientele, a natural screening has taken place in an informal manner on personal service, expertise, integrity, discretion, dedication and confidentiality.

I offer the chauffeur service and also at your location in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and outside of European countries as USA United State of America Canada Australië, UK, United Kingdom England Great Britain. Or were you now are!

At your service for excellent service and training that leads to perfection. Nothing less.

i'm looking forward to meet you.